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Beverly Atherton

Age: 21

Voice: Warm, affectionate, platful

Character: Sentimental and dreamy, Mrs. Atherton hides a secret family heritage that gives her certain… abilities, which she must come to terms with to save the man she loves.

Commitment: 10+ episodes, 4+ songs

Charles Atherton

Age: 25

Voice: Articulate, contemplative, witty

Character: Introspective and reserved, Charles is the strong silent type–except around Beverly–and must rethink his analytical nature when confronted with the supernatural.

Commitment: 8+ episodes, 4+ songs

Elsie Blaker

Age: 19

Voice: Defiant, independent, guarded

Character: The strong-willed daughter of London’s Police Constable, Elsie lives two lives–one outsmarting her father’s best detectives, and the other guarding a secret love for a certain “thief Lord.”

Commitment: 6+ episodes, 2+ songs

Lord Haversham

Age: 23

Voice: Commanding, charming, suave

Character: A cunning conman with a heart of gold, Lord Haversham grapples with a tragic incident from his childhood while striving to restore his family’s good name without obsessing over its lost fortune

Commitment: 5+ episodes, 2+ songs


Age: 72

Voice: Intelligent, eccentric, squeaky

Character: Thoughtful and observant, Dalton loves mortals but worries about frightening them off, possessed by the vain insecurities of an aging gentleman, despite being a disembodied spirit

Commitment: 6+ episodes, 4+ songs


Age: 35

Voice: Dopey, cockney, childlike

Character: Lovable and absent-minded, Olly is a friend to all (especially his best friend Dalton), and has more cleverness about him than meets the eye, despite his clueless, childlike way of sorting out problems

Commitment: 6+ episodes, 4+ songs

The Moon Witch

Age: 85

Voice: Maniacal, sinister, bitter

Character: Recently reawakened after centuries of sleep, she roars back into life with a lust for vengeance and a growing power that targets all who enter the Barrymore Estate, the family home of her sworn enemy

Commitment: 6+ episodes, 2+ songs


Age: 11

Voice: Docile, manipulative, volatile

Character: Trusting and naive, but with a streak of defiance beyond her years, Clarice is disappointed by Haversham as a child, and becomes the first victim of the witch–but finds her own way to even the score

Commitment: 5+ episodes, 2+ songs

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