Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Cast Trailer

Members of the cast give their two cents on the origins, themes, and fun of The Barrymore Hauntings. To see the extended versions of these interviews and more, tune in to each live episode or consider a paid subscription!

Alayna Een

"Shadows Fall"

Alayna sings as Mrs. Atherton, realizing something is not right with her husband, and their early days of love and warmth may be gone forever.

Jackson Wehrli

Creating the Voices

Jackson talks about character inspiration and how he comes up with his distinct voices.

Teresa Jack

"Let Me Be Your Getaway"

Teresa sings as Elsie, the police constable’s daughter, who has fallen in love with a con man who leaves her feeling empty.

Shelley Bushman

"More than Strangers"

Shelley Bushman sings as Elsie, learning for the first time what it means to be openly loved for who she is, and to be part of a family.

Teresa Jack

"Let Me Be Your Getaway"

Teresa Jack records the demo song for Elsie Blaker.

Live Performance

"Curtain Twitchers"

Levi performs the song from Episode 2 in front of a few friends.

Making Episode 3

Playing Two Parts

Levi records vocals for two very different ghosts.

Making Episode 2

The Original Demo

Levi and Hannah perform their first song as Mr. and Mrs. Atherton as a proof of concept demo back in August 2019.

The Faces of Barrymore:

Wanna join in the fun? We’re always looking for fresh talent.

August 2020: Eva Webster sharing her awesome singing talents in a song still in progress

July 2020: Alayna Een rocking it as Mrs. Atherton in “Shadows Fall”

June 2020: Shelley Bushman stealing the show in “More than Strangers.”

June 2020: Jackson Wehrli recording for Barrymore and Blaker in Episode 1: The Moon Witch.

May 2020: Teresa Jack recording the demo song for “Let Me Be Your Getaway.”

March 2020: Derek Hable recording a guest appearance with Levi after they met at a voice acting class.

September 2019: Levi Taylor recording as Dalton & Olly for Episode 2. Levi is also the writer and producer.

August 2019: Hannah Mohlman recording the song for Episode 1 with Levi after they met through a mutual friend.

Historical Facts:

The Barrymore Estate is based on a real mansion in Dorset, England that burned down in 2017

The bustle was worn in different shapes for most of the 1870s and 1880s, but there was a short period between 1878 and 1882 when most were non-bustled, flat-backed dresses like those that became the norm in the 1900s. (Source: Wikipedia)

More macabre was the very real practice of death photography, in which recently deceased persons would have their portraits taken by their loved ones.

Many of our modern haunted house tropes come from the Gothic tales of Victorian England, popularized by talented authors like the Bronte sisters.

An enterprising American amateur photographer called William Mumler is thought to be the first person to capture a ‘spirit’ in a photograph in the early 1860s by using the technique of double exposure, which became a popular hoax accepted by some as the real thing. 

Victorian London was plagued by diseases that drove many residents to seek “better air” in the countryside, believing the cause to be miasma or “bad air.”

London has had traffic problems for well over a century. In fact, despite the invention of the automobile and the implementation of sophisticated traffic control systems, “it takes nearly as long to cross central London now as it did in 1900.” The main cause? More people. (Source: How in the World, 1990)