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‘Thief’ is coming to the stage as a full-length musical with 11 original songs, a 20-person cast, a professional crew, and a lot of new surprises–including new choreography, new scenes, a new ending song and more! Performances will be Feb. 14 – 26 at The Hive theater in Provo, UT.

"I love the songs!"

"This is a fun musical. I recommend!"

"You guys don't want to miss this."

The Audio Series

A common pickpocket becomes the nanny of four young children in order to rob them, but has a change of heart when he finds common ground with them and falls for their quick-witted maid


Diane A.

"I laughed out loud."

Amanda P.

"You can't help but LOVE THIS GUY!"

Tom M.

Two seemingly disconnected couples find their way to the Barrymore estate, where two lonely ghosts help them confront an evil witch who cursed their families centuries ago

"Gave me chills and made me tear up."

Sarah C.

"The music itself was worth the investment."

Bernell T.

"I'm so excited to see where this goes!"

Eva W.

Shows in Development

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