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Very original theatre

We are a ragtag group of dreamers and creatives who build original theatrical productions from the ground up. Want to join the fun?

Sirens was a swashbuckling musical adventure that followed a crew of swashbuckling women as they set out to save some sailors from an island of flying monsters, only to cross paths with a band of eccentric pirates along the way. It performed at The Angelus Theatre in Spanish Fork, UT in September of 2022. Check out its upcoming sequel, Kraken, planned for Fall, 2023.

"Literally the best musical I've seen in a long time."

Jess D.

"10 out of 5 stars."

Tiffany E.

"My whole family is OBSESSED."

Kelli H.

The Thief and the Lady was an original Victorian-era musical that performed at The Hive in Provo in February of 2022. With 11 original songs, a 20-person cast, elaborate choreography, fun fight scenes, and a charming script, it followed pickpocket Billy Cobbs as he became the nanny to a wealthy young family with hilarious and heartwarming results.

"I was laughing the whole time!"

Rachelle C.

"Exceeded all my expectations."

RaNae T.

"Such amazing talent."

Amanda G.

The Thief and the Lady – The Audio Series was the original version of ‘Thief,’ recorded as a podcast musical with 11 complete episodes. Each episode featured panoramic sound effects, warm and witty characters, 10 original songs, and custom “storybook” graphics, following the same adventures of pickpocket Billy Cobbs as he experienced a change of heart.

"Brings the wonderful characters to life."

Diane A.

"I laughed out loud."

Amanda P.

"Impressed by the level of creativity."

Brady G.

The Barrymore Hauntings was a live streaming musical series released in 7 episodes at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It followed two seemingly disconnected couples in Victorian London as they were mysteriously drawn to the Barrymore mansion, where two lonely ghosts tried to help them confront an evil witch who had cursed their families centuries ago.

"Gave me chills and made me tear up."

Sarah C.

"The music was incredible."

Tiffany E.

"I'd love to see it on the big stage."

Bernell T.