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Ever dream of having your own story turned into a musical? Now’s your chance! Send us a description of your idea or a sample from your manuscript to be considered for an upcoming season


No acting experience? Tons of acting experience? We have a role big enough or small enough for you–and we record most of our parts in just a few sessions


Play a cool instrument? Know a thing or two about sound recording? Just want to come sing in a crazy English accent? You’re just right for us

Levi Taylor

Head Writer • Musical Director

Levi is an aspiring musician and writer from Pleasant Grove, Utah. He performed lead guitar in a band throughout high school, participating in several small competitions, and started the first independent, student-run magazine at his school, with an emphasis on creative storytelling. Since then, he has written several solo albums and composed original scores for a few short films, but realized he wanted more. He started Headphone Theater as a creative outlet for both his music and his stories, and as a platform for involving local talent in the collaborative, magical process of storytelling

He performs several characters in The Barrymore Hauntings and (so far) composes all of the music for HT

Elizabeth Adams

Story Consultant • Plot Aficionado

Elizabeth is an aspiring writer from Lehi, Utah. She has a knack for telling stories that cross genres and break character stereotypes. She often sketches her own characters and outlines detailed “dream casts” for each story. She is a story consultant with Headphone Theater, providing invaluable feedback on plot feasibility and pacing based on her own writing experience (and natural talent)

She is currently developing several of her own stories, separate from Headphone Theater

Derek Hable

Cast (Undisclosed)

Derek is a successful international diplomat with one of the coolest jobs in the world, but he also has a hidden talent–a voice as smooth as butter. He is currently slated to perform an undisclosed role in The Barrymore Hauntings

Hannah Mohlman

Mrs. Atherton (Original)

Hannah is a gifted actress and singer currently studying at Utah Valley University. Her mother is a commercial voice actress whose cheerful voice can be heard in several pharmaceutical advertisements on radio and TV. Hannah inherited her mother’s gift, and recorded the original voice for Mrs. Atherton in The Barrymore Hauntings: Episode 1 as a demo for the series back in August of 2019. She will not be returning to the role, but set a high bar with her rendition of the song “Even Now”