Mr Larson

Don't go into Mr. Larson's Costume Shop

Based on Levi’s first book, this musical concept from 2017 gets unnervingly close to its tragic antagonist–a troubled old man who runs a failing costume shop in a dying city. He is tormented by visions of the costumes coming to life, but when an innocent man is murdered by someone in a similar costume, Mr. Larson must confront his own past and track down the young mother who crossed his path years before, changing both of their lives forever.

*Fun Fact: Levi filmed this teaser on location in Provo, UT at the costume shop that originally inspired his story.

"Little do we know who we'll turn out to be."

— Scene from Mr. Larson

Kiyana Dickson

Spoiler Alert: Murder

Kiyana sings as Tellah Thompson, the protagonist of our story, who has a secret connection to Mr. Larson’s past–and a way to save what’s left of her own family

In Depth

Levi's Original Idea: 2017

That’s right–Mr. Larson was actually Levi’s first musical. It planted the seed that became Headphone Theater

Concept Art