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About the Production

Sirens is an all-new musical adventure from the composer/producer of The Thief and the Lady. It follows a crew of brave women who set out to rescue some wayward sailors from an island of monsters, contending with an eccentric band of pirates along the way. Featuring 7 rollicking songs, impressive special effects, daring sword fights, creepy creatures, and empowering themes, Sirens is 1 hr 45 min of toe-tapping fun.

Performing Sep 16 – Oct 1 at The Angelus Theatre in Spanish Fork

Teaser #1: Dare to live

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Song Preview: 'Waves of Adventure'

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Song Preview: 'All Men Must Die'

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Cast of Characters


The shipbuilder’s daughter who sets out to charter her own vessel and save a wayward crew of sailors

Cpt. Ironboot

The salty sea pirate who talks a big talk, but has a surprisingly gentle side (and dearly loves his mother)


Charlotte’s First Mate and confidant, she is fiercely loyal and keeps everyone grounded, even in the presence of monsters


An mild-mannered biologist who discovers his aggressive side while fighting for his life alongside Cpt. Gregory

Mr. Hammersmith

Charlotte’s father, he’s a no-nonsense shipbuilder with a soft spot for his daughter, struggling to nurture her as a single parent without losing her to the ocean


A trigger-happy pyromaniac who loves all things explosive and pointy, she makes friends with her own weapons–literally–and has no fear

Cpt. Gregory

The courageous ex-military sea captain who does everything he can to protect his men from the monsters, but must learn to rely on others to survive


  • Old Tom
  • Rebekah
  • Elizabeth
  • Longfellow
  • Fitzwilliam
  • And many more!

Crew Positions

Production Assistant

Set Builder/Painter

Prop Master

Prop Assistant

Hair & Makeup Assistant

Sound Designer

Sound Operator

Technical Assistant

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