Our People

Levi Taylor


Levi is the owner and composer for production company Headphone Theater. He started the company in 2019 with the original Victorian-era haunted house musical The Barrymore Hauntings. It began as an audio series but soon evolved into a live streaming web series with an eight-person cast and 7 full episodes, successfully and safely broadcast at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. He then produced and composed music for the original Victorian-era family comedy The Thief and the Lady as an audio series before producing its live stage counterpart, which sold out all five performances at The Hive Theater in Provo. His most recent live musical was a pirate-themed adventure comedy called Sirens, which opened to rave reviews at The Angelus Theatre in Spanish Fork and sold more than twice as many tickets as the full run of Thief. He is currently working on the Barrymore prequel, The Moon Witch, along with a sequel to Sirens, Kraken, and his first straight play, Scene Change

He has completed training in voice acting, improv comedy, creative writing, marketing, and graphic design, earning a degree in Psychology from UVU and spending 10 years in marketing before taking the leap into entertainment.

Elizabeth Adams

Story Consultant

Elizabeth is an aspiring writer from Lehi, Utah. She has a knack for telling stories that cross genres and break character stereotypes. She often sketches her own characters and outlines detailed “dream casts” for each story. She is a story consultant with Headphone Theater, providing invaluable feedback on plot feasibility and pacing based on her own writing experience (and natural talent).

She is currently developing several of her own stories, separate from Headphone Theater

Rachelle Carroll

Stage Manager

Rachelle is the newest member of the Headphone Theater family, with an extensive background in both theater and business. She has applied her unique skill set as stage manager for such productions as The Barrymore Hauntings and The Thief and the Lady.