The Barrymore Hauntings


The Barrymore Hauntings


  • All 7 episodes of the original series
  • All 14 episodes of the original audio book
  • All 14 songs from the original soundtrack
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage
  • And more!

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Two young English couples travel very different paths to reach the ominous Barrymore estate, where two lonely ghosts lie in wait, a centuries-old curse gives way to a centuries-old prophecy, and their own surprising connections come to light in a final showdown with the malevolent spirit who started it all.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: The Barrymore Hauntings was an original LIVE streaming musical series written, produced, and performed right here in Utah Valley, originally airing virtually from Nov. 10th – Dec. 4th, 2020. You can still buy Anytime Access to view all of the original content:

Live episodes originally aired on Facebook, but have been edited and uploaded to the Anytime Access page for ticket holders. Your access will never expire.

The original soundtrack includes all 13 original songs from the series. Stream them here or download to your device.

Behind-the-scenes features include cast interviews, backstage photo gallery, concept art, and more.