The Night Rider

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A Simple Story

An insomniatic delivery boy meets a colorful young German girl while making deliveries one night, but the two face unforeseen challenges as he tries to overcome his insomnia to be with her.

Sleepless Nights

“The Night Rider came to me during a summer I spent dealing with insomnia. I would go for long bike rides when I couldn’t sleep, careening down the wide empty streets at 4 AM like I owned the world. I was surprised by how beautiful everything seemed at night, how peaceful. There was real magic in that warm summer air, and I imagined meeting someone who could share my world. That got me thinking about how hard it would be to merge their daytime routines with my nighttime ones, and the story became a love letter to the perpetual night where I spent my days, as well as an old-fashioned romance where opposites would attract, resist, and overcome.”  –LT