Barrymore LIVE

What happened to the Barrymores?

Just off the Dorset coast, two young English couples stumble upon a centuries-old estate, recently abandoned after the tragic death of the original owners. But not all of the owners are dead, and the house holds more secrets than meet the eye, including two lonely ghosts who may hold the key to saving the newcomers and purging the house of its malevolent spirit.

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See the proof-of-concept episodes that started it all, and some of the fun we had early on behind the scenes.

Episode 1

Even Now

DEMO VERSION FROM 8/23/19 Mr. and Mrs. Atherton journey to the coast, young and very much in love, but trouble looms on the horizon

Episode 2

Curtain Twitchers

DEMO VERSION FROM 9/18/19 A pair of lonely ghosts tries to make the happy couple feel welcome, but their good intentions go awry