Thief LIVE – Auditions

A Live Stage Musical Coming Feb. 2022

Rehearsals (Lindon): Dec. 6 – Feb. 10*

Performances (Provo): Feb. 12 – Feb. 26

Summary: The Thief and the Lady is a live stage musical about a good-natured pickpocket who poses as a nanny (caretaker, if you please) for a wealthy young widow and her four children after being blackmailed by his sinister employer. As this “common thief” helps the children recover from the loss of their father, he begins to feel the beginnings of change–especially when he develops feelings for the family’s quick-witted maid.



Rehearsals will be M, W, Th evenings from 7:30 PM to 10 PM, and Sat afternoons from 2 PM to 5 PM. NOT EVERYONE WILL BE REQUIRED TO COME TO EVERY REHEARSAL, so it depends on which role you’re cast in. Rehearsals will run Dec. 6 – Feb. 10 with performances Feb. 12 – 26.


Rehearsals will be at a home in Lindon with a dance floor and sound equipment hookups. Dress rehearsals and performances will be at The Hive theater in Provo.


Our director/choreographer will be Bethany Taylor, who recently directed the all-singing Norse adventure “Valhalla” for Great Hall Theatrical Productions in Spanish Fork, UT. She also did the choreography for Great Hall’s “Take My Death Away” this Halloween, and has choreographed some 40+ shows, with multiple directorial credits to her name along the way.

Character Bios

Central Cast:

Good natured and playful, good with kids. The hero of our story–a smooth-talking pickpocket with a heart of gold. COCKNEY accent.

Full of life and courage, but with a guarded heart. She is Mrs. Hathaway’s maid, and captures Billy’s interest right away–though she may be too clever for his charms. ENGLISH or IRISH accent.

Billy’s criminal mentor, he’s a gaudy, overdressed thug of the streets who always gets what he wants. Greedy, manipulative, resentful, and out for vengeance, he rarely loses his composure–but when he does it’s dangerous for all. PROPER ENGLISH accent.

A high-born single mother with a brisk manner, devoted to her work and her family. She has put her playful nature aside but longs to reclaim it. PROPER ENGLISH accent.

Mrs. Hathaway’s soft-spoken new fiance seems a bit boring to the children at first, but has a deep sense of honor and loyalty that wins them over in the end. PROPER ENGLISH accent.

Mrs. Hathaway’s boisterous cook, she speaks her mind and calls it like it is, especially when ribbing Jonathan or Claire. COCKNEY accent.

White-haired and dignified, Mrs. Hathaway’s butler is comically disdainful of others, but deeply loyal to those he trusts. PROPER ENGLISH accent.

The Hathaway Children:

Mrs. Hathaway’s eldest son has a chip on his shoulder and struggles with the loss of his father the most, but is also a vigilant protector of the others. PROPER ENGLISH accent.

Mrs. Hathaway’s eldest daughter, she is reserved, intelligent, obsessed with books, and a bit hard to please, hiding her sensitive heart behind a wall of disapproval. PROPER ENGLISH accent.

Mrs. Hathaway’s youngest son, Trevor is adventurous, exuberant and bright–but tends to get himself into trouble with his big mouth. PROPER ENGLISH accent.

Mrs. Hathaway’s youngest daughter, Grace is sweet-natured, curious, and excitable, but doesn’t say much until she warms up to you. PROPER ENGLISH accent.

Supporting Characters:

One of McTavish’s henchmen and Dorian’s twin, he’s a cockney thug through and through–big, gruff and mean as a bear. COCKNEY accent.

McTavish’s other henchman and Eddie’s twin, Dorian is more nasally than gruff, more weaselly than outright frightening–and occasionally not to bright. COCKNEY accent.

Additional roles will be performed by the central and supporting cast, including the two boys who tease the Hathaway children, and the police officer who’s after Billy Cobbs.

The ensemble cast will include supportive singing roles and light dancing. The rehearsal schedule is lighter and more flexible, making it a great option for those who have other commitments.

Practice Scenes

Click to Download PDF:

Some of our favorite scenes:

Script by Elizabeth Adams

Elizabeth is a multi-talented writer, screenwriter, and novelist with a knack for warm characters, uplifting themes, and witty dialogue. She serves as a story consultant for Headphone Theater and is excited to see her original screenplay for The Thief and the Lady come to life as a stage musical

Music & Lyrics by Levi Taylor

Levi is the producer behind Headphone Theater and composes original music for all of its productions. He performed as Charles in The Barrymore Hauntings and McTavish in The Thief and the Lady: The Audio Series. He is excited to be producing The Thief and the Lady adapted from the audio series